Corporate Hotel Industry

A large number of assignments have been handled for the corporate hotel industry – learn more with insight into these selected cases:

Analysis of “City Tours” for a Hotel Group

The question of who travels to a city, why one travels to a city, and how a certain segment of a hotel is chosen is crucial for the accommodation industry. It becomes particularly important when it comes to addressing customers appropriately. A hotel chain was looking for an answer to these questions.

For the accommodation company, a survey was developed focused on the motives of city travellers. The current industry research on tourism was used to isolate questions that produced initial results in the context of an online customer pool survey. These results were then incorporated into the setting of several group discussions and expanded to address the selection of a specific type of accommodation. The group discussions were then recorded, written, and methodologically evaluated.

Within the hybrid segment selection of participants, most of whom were under 35 years of age, it was possible to isolate consistent decision criteria related to a few factors that can be used for marketing.

Development of a Sales Concept for a Tourism Company

A tourism group which operates autonomous sales structures within a regional operation is planning to set up a central call centre for booking processing. The company offers a wide range of accommodations, F&B, and events for different target groups.

A design will be developed that structurally analyses the range of offerings published online, adopts them as content for the call centre’s offerings, and adapts them for practical requirements.

All offerings were recorded and classified with regard to tourism segments and the frequency of how they were assigned to programme categories. Subsequently, nine control options were identified and examined with regard to their impact on the service portfolio. Based on the findings, a simple model was developed to reduce the complexity of the offerings and a corresponding request structure was proposed.

Project Description PartnerCard Portal (PDF)

In order to support the marketing of the hotels in the portfolio of Union Investment, DICON designed the Partner Card Portal on behalf of Deutsche Immobilien Fonds AG. The project was initiated in order to be able to offer company rates to employees in the cooperative financial association and at the same time encourage them to use the hotel portfolio. The financial association includes the Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken, WGZ Bank, R+V Versicherung, and Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall, among others.

The PartnerCard portal was designed as an exclusive online offer for the holders of the DIFA PartnerCard by DICON in cooperation with Union Investment. The portal is operated by DICON Marketing- und Beratungsgesellschaft mbH.

125,000 PartnerCards were issued by DIFA and Union Investment to employees, tenants, and customer advisors of credit institutions and insurance companies within the association of Volks- und Raiffeisen banks. The special prices and other benefits granted by the DIFA hotels in the portal serve to increase customer loyalty and employee motivation and at the same time to increase interest in the DIFA hotels.

The PartnerCard portal features in detail 14 leading DIFA hotels in German and European metropolises. Users who are looking for comprehensive information as well as those who want to make a booking as quickly as possible can reach their destination with just a few mouse clicks. The clear and concise design makes it possible to use it in an organized and efficient manner.

The PartnerCard portal was nominated in 2005 for the German Tourism Award.