DICON has been publishing professional articles focused on the hotel, tourism and catering industries since the company was founded. In the following section, you can find articles either written by us or featuring our work. In the archive of articles from 2004 – 2009, you will find interesting topics which are still topical today.

Archive – Press 2004-2009

Press 2010-2019

2017 – 2019

  • Cost und Logis, 03-2019 “A380 and the Crisis of Mass TourismPDF
  • AHGZ, 06-2018 “A Financing Guide for Mid-Tier Hotels” Link
  • Berliner Wirtschaft, 04-2018 “In the Sign of DigitizationPDF
  • Cost and Logis, 03-2018 “From Waiter to Social Engineering?PDF
  • Berliner Wirtschaft, 11-2017 “Three New Supporters of the Berlin Economy” PDF
  • Cost und Logis, 03-2017 “Good Money with Few Units” PDF


  • AHGZ, 03-2016 “Between Country Desire and Country Frustration” PDF (280 KB)
  • Immobilienzeitung, 03-2016 “Luxury Pays Off Again” PDF (490 KB)
  • Cost und Logis, 10-2015 “Apartment Living Instead of Hotel Staying” PDF (290 KB)
  • Hospitality INSIDE “Sharing is Social Monitoring” PDF (400 KB)


  • Immobilienzeitung “Private Landlords Threaten Hotels”PDF (approx. 130 KB)
  • AHGZ Step by Step Remediation PDF (approx. 0.4 MB)
  • AHGZ “The 8,50 Euro Challenge” PDF (approx. 2 MB)
  • AHGZ “Dispute Over Minimum Wage” PDF (approx. 0.4 MB)
  • Handelsblatt “The Rise of Affordable Hotels” PDF (approx. 0.9 MB)
  • Handelsblatt “Aesthetics are no Longer Expensive” PDF (approx. 0.3 MB)
  • Cost & Logis “Experiences in the Infinite Space of Social Interaction” PDF (approx. 1 MB)
  • Hospitality INSIDE “The Social Tourist” PDF (German text) / PDF (English text) (approx. 200 KB)
  • AHGZ Der Hotelier “Budget: Chic and Cheap” PDF (approx. 1.8 MB)
  • Cost & Logis East-West Gradient – the Other Way Around”