Succession Advising

When Change is Due

A large number of private hotels, holiday resorts, and guest houses in Germany will change operators in the coming years. Whether through a purchase or a gift within a family, a sale to employees or outside person, or simply a lease – experience with the baton change can save you a lot of money when you hand over your business.

There is a lot to settle in advance. Important questions must be clarified and answered: When should I start preparing the handover? How do I proceed methodically? What goals do I set myself? What are the essential components for the continued existence of my company?

In addition to legal and tax issues, company succession raises a multitude of detailed questions for which it can be valuable to draw upon external expert knowledge.

Experience has shown that external support is often highly important for a successful transition simply because of the different interests of the former owner and their successor. This external assistance does not have to be expensive and can still optimally coordinate the essential processes for the company.

Do you know about the possibilities for support in succession consulting?

We would be pleased to inform you about the contents of our services and support arrangements at KfW or other institutes.