Get the Best Price

During the purchase or sale process (M&A) of hotel properties or catering operations, comprehensive experience values are indispensable – for the buyer and seller, knowledge of the economic, technical, and analytical questions in the context of the sale are highly valuable. Our team supports you with our extensive know-how and many years of experience.

Whether it’s a property analysis, an assessment of the value of the company or the property including the real estate, an assessment of the investment requirements, the renovation backlog, or questions about the sales strategy – professional assistance can quickly pay off.

Whether you are acting as a seller or lessor, or you would like to expand to include further properties in your portfolio – our many years of experience with similar tasks can be the decisive factor for your success.

For every transaction, a realistic assessment of the value of the property in question is important. We can support you in this regard with, for example, a professionally based assessment of the capitalised value.

We offer the following services as part of a transaction:

  • Search for and approach of investors and operators

Market knowledge and networks are particularly important in the search for investors and operators. Due to their specialized activities, our consultants are well connected in the industry and bring their networks for buyers/sellers as well as leaseholders/lessors.

  • Due Diligence

Whether it is a share deal or an asset deal, due diligence is critical to every business transaction because it brings security for both the buyer and the seller.

  • Valuation

DICON determines the real estate and/or company value on the basis of recognised business management methods. The value of your company can be determined in a generally binding manner within the framework of the income or tangible value method, the discounted cash flow method, or the comparative value method.

  • Consulting within the specific framework of a transaction

In the context of transactions, comprehensive knowledge is required – whether it is industry-specific, legal, technical, or tax-related, we are in continuous dialogue with specialists in these fields in order to cover the relevant questions professionally.

DICON GmbH has been granted permission to broker contracts for real estate, commercial premises, and rights equivalent to real estate and residential premises pursuant to § 34c para. 1 by the District Office Mitte von Berlin.